4 Points To Consider Before You Buy Your First Motorcycle

first motorcycle

Freedom is, undeniably, one of the most significant luxuries that anyone could hope to enjoy, with the vast majority of people fortunate enough to possess it.

When it comes to feeling free, however, children and adults alike look for ways to experience true freedom, from running wild in an open field to investing in a motorcycle. If you are part of the second group, then continue reading to discover four crucial points to know before you buy your first motorcycle.

The Lower The Mileage, The Better!

Obviously, if you are treating yourself to a brand-new motorcycle, then aside from maybe a short distance when the bike has been taken for a test drive, there should be no mileage to speak of at all.

However, if you are buying your motorcycle from a prominent and established motorcycle supplier such as BMG Scooters and are looking for used motorcycles, then be sure to check that the mileage is a reasonable amount.

Other factors to look out for when you are on the hunt for a used motorcycle include the quality and wear of the tyres and tread, the paintwork, and the connections to the indicator unit.

Know Your Style Before You Begin

There is now so much choice when it comes to investing in a motorcycle, that it certainly pays to focus your search on one style and construction form and you should make this decision before you set foot in the shop.

Perhaps the best model of all to start with as a new motorcyclist is a dual-purpose motorcycle, such as the Yamaha XT250 or the Honda CRF230M, both of which have a soft suspension and a high ground clearance. The seat of the motorcycle is also important, so along with the two bikes mentioned above, you could also take a closer look at the BMW F850GS and the Husqvarna FE350S.

Power Is By No Means Everything

As a general rule, motorcycle instructors and reputable salespersons tend to recommend an engine that ranges between 250cc and 600cc for people who are starting motorbiking for the first time.

Not only will this give you considerably more control of your new bike, but it will also mean that the machine itself will be cheaper. In addition, learning to handle a motorcycle with a smaller engine will teach you proper technique and handling ability till you move on to a more powerful model in the future.

You Have To Have Insurance

In terms of insurance for your new motorcycle, it is absolutely imperative that you insure yourself on your bike as soon as you are ready to take it out onto the road for the first time, but also that you choose comprehensive insurance.

Just as with cars and other road vehicles, there are different levels of insurance for motorcycles, but as accidents are much more likely to happen on a bike, comprehensive insurance will ensure that no matter what happens, you are covered.

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