Are Holiday Cottages A Better Option Than Hotels?


Travel is not only about visiting a new place. It is about exploring the unknown, tasting different cuisines and getting familiar with how people live there. Thus, you should plan the itinerary strategically and choose the best places to stay. If the plan is to explore the area like locals, it is better to opt for cottages that are comfortable yet raw as a local home.

Cottages are like having your own home in a new location where you can live like a local and see the place from a different perspective. That is not the only benefit of opting for cottages. You can enjoy multiple advantages by opting for Hygge Cottages and ditching the hotels. Let us discuss some of them in detail.

Benefits Of Choosing Cottages

Added Privacy

When you book your cottage, you get the entire place all to yourself. Thus, there will be no one else in your vicinity, offering you a lot of privacy. On the other hand, hotels have plenty of people staying on the same property, so you cannot expect to get privacy anywhere except in your room.

More Space

Cottages are your private property, which is entirely yours for the time you stay. You get your kitchen which you can set up as per your requirements and set up the entire home like you will stay there forever. Hence, it is an added advantage if you plan on staying for a longer duration and want to enjoy the true essence of the place. Moreover, if you have a group of friends or family, you can share the space and play around without any restrictions.


If you are going on a vacation with a group of friends or family, you need more space. In hotels, you will get a limit on how many people can accommodate in one room. So, you will end up booking multiple rooms, which is an expensive affair. On the other hand, cottages will allow the entire group to stay together at no extra charge! Hence, it is an affordable option, unlike resorts or hotels.

Local Experience

Hotels are for tourists, but cottages are for travelers. By booking cottages, you get a chance to set up the space like locals and explore the place better. You will probably have locals around the area with whom you can interact and learn more about their culture. It is one of a kind experience that is much better than what hotels can offer.

The list of benefits you can enjoy by opting for the cottages over hotels is never-ending. You only have to choose the best place fitting your budget and requirements. Moreover, as people are more inclined toward cottages, you better start exploring your options beforehand. Book the best spot, and you can make the most of your next holiday!

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