Five Beautiful Features To Consider For Your Back Garden

Every garden in the United Kingdom is different, which is what makes our land so interesting and varied. Some people love the green, green grass, and others prefer a scattering of pebbles.Plastic fencing panels will give a very good and attractive look your garden and make boundaries. Whatever you like, there are ways to improve the look of your garden even more. Think about your living room (lounge) and what makes that room special; there is a good chance that you have a ‘feature’ in there to draw in peoples’ eyes. So just like you might have a massive flat screen TV or fireplace indoors, think about what you could do outdoors too.

If you are stuck for ideas, here are a few to get your started on your journey to a more beautiful garden…

Water fountain 

Embrace the element of water and bring it into your back garden. It can be very peaceful to listen to, which is why a water fountain can be an ideal choice for you. There are fountains available in many budgets, so it could be a small stand-alone item or an extravagant waterfall system – the choice is yours. However, the main reason for having the fountain is as a garden centrepiece, so consider the material it is made out of; stone always looks really impressive.


Perhaps decking is your idea of a good feature, in which case you might want to research what is available on the market. Most decks will be situated next to the back door of your house so it is easily accessible, but you could always choose something freestanding if you would prefer it to be located at the foot of your garden. There will be many things to think about including which type of wood you would like to use, as well as whether you want it to be stained a certain shade or colour.


Sometimes the best feature of a garden is the flowers, so it is time to get your hands dirty. Create a distinct area for your flowerbeds – you can find border edging in most hardware stores – then you can plant to your heart’s content. Join a gardening community online to find out which flowers you should plant when, and how to keep them looking their best.


If you have an ample sized garden, you might want to sacrifice a bit of your lawn to have a pond installed. There are many sizes, so it could be something small, or even one big enough to warrant stepping stones! You’ll find some helpful products such as gravel and stepping stones, so it is worth having a look to see whether you can get any ideas for your own project.

Hot tub

Finally, if you are into parties and gatherings, you might think that a hot tub is the most beautiful feature you could have. There are a number of stores that sell outdoor spa baths in the UK so it is worth going to have a look so you can choose between a wood effect exterior, or even something in stone!