Know More About Digital Harbor & Digital Harbor Inc.

Digita Harbor is a company which is pioneered in developing innovative project management and risk management solutions for enterprise communities, Government and financial institutions. It has created the technologies and solutions which are first-to-introduce in the business world. Although it has its impressions in enterprise-wide project management and providing operational intelligence between the processes, companies main theme is to provide new technologies for monitoring, assessment, and detection of risks and frauds.

The solutions from the company are evolving for multiple platforms and company created the one-of-its-kind technologies such as model-driven J2EE framework, unified composite application platform, smart web client technology, Know Your Provider (KYP) and Know Your Customer (KYC). Its new Social Enterprise Technology (SET) universal platform making the enterprise communication process more seamless by correlating and collaborating customers, end users and all stakeholders to make low risk-based decisions and transactions.

Digital Harbor Inc was founded in 1997 in the role of a startup which develops composite applications for commercial use and first launched its intelligent commercial Data Fusion platform. But it became popular after the release of its fraud detection model for the banking industry in the US called as “Know Your Customer (KYC)” which later became industry-standard for customer authentication for financial institutions making Digital Harbor a leading company for in risk management solutions.

Digital Harbor keep evolving and became the fastest growing company in 2009 and made its focus on the risk management strategies for the healthcare industry in the US by releasing its “Know Your Risk” suit for healthcare operations.

Here are some solutions developed by Digital Harbor Inc are:

Know Your Risk Suit

  • Know Your Customer (KYC)

Also called as “Know Your Client”. KYC is the process of authentication of customers by verifying the client’s identity and assessing potential risks of bad intentions of clients.

  • Know Your Provider (KYP)

KYP model defines four types – Portal, Enrollment, Screening & Monitoring.

KYP is the dynamic provider portal which gives seamless one-way experience by ensuring security.

  • Know Your Member (KYM)

KYM provides global beneficiary profiling scheme to prevent frauds in getting inefficient beneficiaries by the healthcare payers thereby ensuring deserving and genuine beneficiaries by proactive alerts and intelligent risk scoring.

  • Know Your Claim

It performs predictive analysis on provider claims and for detecting the loss and thereby losses to the organizations

This suit also consists of models like “Know Your Care giver” and “Know Your Audits”.

S.E.T. Universal Platform

  • Social Form

The social form is the advanced form which helps user intelligently to fill complex business forms in less time. It’s just like the AI-based assistant which performs friendly conversation with the user and binds the information and stakeholders together.

  • Social Case

To make the seamless communication between all the elements, social case performs linking and collaboration of information by storing it for analytics. This information increases the knowledge of the system thereby increasing intelligence.

  • Social Analytics:

It performs predictive analytics on the information/knowledge gained by social case and proactively detects anomalies.

Digital Harbor is more than 20 years of expertise in providing intelligent risk management solutions and it changed the way of managing complex business processes by avoiding the chance of risk and failures. Digital Harbor is now an industry leader in advanced fraud detection models and now became trusted for healthcare solutions.

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