Are You Supporting A Partner With Erectile Dysfunction?

My partner is helpless; what to do?

Impotence can become a bad cycle: the more it happens, the more likely it will happen. However, the solutions are simple if you work together.

You are ample of excitement and desire, you want to turn from kissing and teasing to love, but your partner’s member is unresponsive to the emotion of the moment. When your partner is weak, frustrated, guilt issues and disinterest can happen in the long run. However, this difficulty has solutions when compared without complexes.

The vast manhood of men has experienced bed flop in the past. However, when this arises, always or at least pretty often, it is a matter of erectile dysfunction.

According to numbers from the World Health Organization, 15% of adult men state having impotence difficulties. This figure increases to 40% after 40 years and 70% after 70 years. Most distressing is that these same investigations consider that this difficulty is getting worse and will lead to 50% by 2025. But if your partner is helpless, there are several ways to fix the difficulty and find an easy solution.

The causes of erectile dysfunction

Between 15 and 20% of cases of erectile dysfunction are in the human head. There is no real cause, but a lack of self-confidence. The leading psychological causes of impotence in your partner are as follows:

Stress: work, economic, or relationship problems affect your capacity to get an erection

Anxiety: If a man fails to get an erection once or has a bad experience like premature ejaculation, he may be anxious about not getting it again. This anxiety is preventing him from having a peculiar erection.

Guilt and Low Self-Esteem: Like anxiety, a man is frightened or feels guilty that he cannot please his partner, and the problem prevents him from having an erection. He feels helpless to meet his partner.

Depression: it is a common purpose of impotence. The mind loses to shut itself off from worry and does not reply to sexual stimulation. Sometimes, treatments for depression also produce erectile dysfunction.

Indifference: Some men feel common to any intimate relationship. This usually arises when they get older, but it can happen to young people also.

In many cases, the physical difficulty is the origin cause of erectile dysfunction, such as:

  • Coronary and vascular difficulties
  • Obesity
  • Arterial hypertension
  • Smoking, alcoholism, or medication addiction
  • Diabetes
  • Prostate difficulties
  • Medical treatments such as opioids, diuretics, hormones, antidepressants, and others

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What to do when your partner is unable?

The first thing to do when your partner is incapable is to know the problem. If your partner has any of the physical difficulties listed above, it’s best to ask your physician if it’s the cause of their impotence. In these cases, there are prescription treatments like Fildena 100 or vidalista 60 that can be very helpful.

However, the most excellent way to get a normal erection and enjoy love to the most satisfied is to take back control of your body when it gets to a mental problem.

To have an erection, you require to be aroused and eased,” explains Lisa Thomas, a professional in sex treatment. To achieve this, which can obey some different tips and techniques, and that will be useful:

Change of lifestyle

Men who stop smoking and drinking have been given to improve their ability to produce a robust and long-lasting erection by 25%.

For overweight men, erectile capacity can be increased by up to 50% with dietary differences, as many studies show. A healthy diet with the proper balance of protein, carbohydrates, and fat is powerful.

Exercise, like a simple everyday walk, is also helpful, as it not only decreases obesity and strengthens the pelvic tissues.

Impotent Partner: How Kegel Exercises Helps?

These are exercises intended to strengthen the pelvic muscles. Although they were initially intended to help women manage urinary incontinence after childbirth and ease the vagina for greater intimate pleasure, they can also be used by men to defeat impotence.

The muscles to be operated on in Kegel exercises are used to prevent urinating along the route and prevent gas from flying.

Once identified, they are worked by catching and releasing them without using other muscles such as the abdominals, thighs, and buttocks for help. It is desirable to practice these exercises in a set of 10 repetitions 3 times a day.

Besides aiding to improve an erection, they are also very helpful in managing premature ejaculation.

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Communication is necessary for all relationships. If your spouse is helpless, you require to have a frank and open conversation about love, but without the pressure to go to bed immediately away.

Dr. Thomas suggests talking about everyone’s expectations, what makes you comfortable, and what hurts you. You can try lightly touching and petting each other or masturbating each other till he feels more specific and less anxious. “The locus should be on the connection, not the pe*is,” Thomas resolves.

Impotent partner: natural treatments

Some natural treatments have been proved to be useful in helping men with impotence. In addition to their goods on the body, these products can help men feel more self-confident, knowing that they strengthen their erectile capacity with these products like tadalista and vidalista 40.

Red ginger increases blood circulation, which provides better blood flow to the penis. Many studies show its impact on good erection.

Rhodiola Rosea: research of 35 men who have impotence confirmed that after 3 months, they had increased their intimate capacity

Acupuncture: Some researchers suggest that acupuncture may also help combat impotence.


Sex therapists and couples are a necessary aid in helping couples overcome difficulties in an intimate relationship.

Having a third party included, professionally trained, and with whom they can speak about their privacy without worrying about being judged treats release tension and give them new ideas for overcoming problems when your spouse is powerless.

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