How To Choose The Right Weight Rug For Your Horse

There is a massive range of turnout rugs available in the market, and so you may get confused about the choice. When grazing in the field, your beloved horse needs a rug to stay warm and cosy. A good quality rug will keep it warm, comfortable and last for a long time. When it comes to the design of a rug, it has come a long way from simple canvas to the varying designs. The options in a turnout rug are overwhelming, and so it is important to learn the tips to choosing the best rug for your horse. 

Consider the weight of the rug 

With respect to the weight of the turnout rugs, you will find lightweight rugs, medium to heavyweight rugs.  If the season is spring, a lightweight rug will do. This applies to the autumn season as well. For colder months, you may choose a medium weight rug. Check out the weight of the rug. The associated weight in grams is the weight of the filling or the polyester fluff to keep warmth. Check the gram per square meter which can move up to even 500 grams or 600 grams. For the winter, choose a rug of heaviest weight. 

The more the weight better it is 

If a turnout rug weighs more, it means it can provide more warmth. This is so because the amount of polyester fluffs determines its level of warmth. Consider the design of the rug and its overall weight. You may now wonder what the right weight of rug for your horse is. It all depends on the type of horse, its age, the weight and the overall health of the horse. You should select the weight as per the warmth your horse requires. If the horse cannot bear cold at all, you should look for a rug with heavy weight. If your horse is thin-skinned and clipped out, it will require more warmth when compared to robust kinds of horses. So, there is no one-size-fit-all solution when choosing a rug. 

Again, the living condition of the horse matters a lot. If the horse stays open all the while, it has to bear more cold. Thus, you may settle for a rug of more weight. 

Detachable features to suit various seasons 

There are those rugs available with detachable layers to suit the changing seasons. When it is too cold, you may keep intact all the layers of quilt and vice versa. Look for a tough and durable outer shell with more number of deniers. Higher the number of deniers, the fabric will be stronger. 

Turnout rugs are available in various colours and cuts. Look for a modern design to enclose your horse in the cocoon of comfort and warmth.

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