Steal Some Hours For Making Your Life Adventurous

Bangalore is an IT hub and nobody can deny that people from different corners of India work here. It has been seen that the city always get depicted like a place packed with so much of rush, huge traffic, commercial sites and so on. But do you know that Bangalore has another side too? A side that can make you feel uplifted, cheerful and thrilled!

In case you always find yourself bored amidst your tedious, packed day today schedule then you must try out something fresh. Yes, give sometime to yourself and explore your city and its surrounding well. Have you ever thought about Trekking near Bangalore? If not then do it now! Why always think about the spots which are at a distant place when you have so much of thrill stored just next to you?

Go Adventurous!

Adventure is right there, and the finest time for you to explore all the aspects of your adventurous life! You can feel and experience all this with exciting camping and trekking experience near the outlandish lands of Karnataka. Let us check out how!

  • In case you are planning for some adventure this weekend then you can try out a visit to Makalidurga. This place is sixty kilometres from Bangalore. You know this Makalidurga trekking experience is an ideal escape for people who are stuck into doing the same humdrum tings at the office every passing day. One can arrange team outings at this place for one day or even a delightful weekend getaway.


  • You can also tie up with some exclusive camps or trekking teams for your adventure. For example, you can relish a fun filled, capped with adventure Ramanagara Day Camp on 13th May 2017 at 7pm. This is getting organized by Quest Adventures. You know this Ramanagara place is very popular for being the shooting site of the movie Sholay. The camp site is not just about trekking but caters a huge numbers of adventure activities. So, are you ready to experience a lot of adventure and trekking amidst natural beauty and chirping of birds?


  • You can also try out Anthargange which is sixty eight kilometres from Bangalore. This Anthargange Mountain is a strange structure of tiny and big rocks tugged with beautiful natural springs and thick forest at the foot of hill. This place caters a lot for the trackers. There are some temples also along the way. This trek is of a moderate trouble beginning with staircase up to temple and then trailed by raw natural rocks and boulders, caves and streams. In case you want, you can trek to peak and stay overnight, enjoy a bon fire and trek back the following day.



The bottom line is that it is not the city Bangalore but you who have made your life boring and tedious. The city has so many places to explore but you always pick the spots which are at the other end of country or so on.  So, for making your life attractive and adventurous, you should carry out some enthusiastic trekking tours which can be enjoyed instantly.

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