Tips On Essay Writing

Most us find essay writing to be a really difficult and daunting task. Essay writing is like an art. It comes with practice. Obviously you also need to have some writing skills but if you do have some skills then you can sharpen them with practice. The number one rule of learning to write essays is not to be afraid of what you will end up with. Remember that you are in the learning phase so no one expects you to pen down a master piece in your first attempt. In this article we will discuss how you can improve on your writing skills.

  • Never skip the research part:

You cannot write what you do not know. Since you are not a polymath it is only obvious that you will not know about a lot of subjects. Understand that researching is not as same as cheating. It will be considered as cheating if you simply copy and paste the entire text. The idea is to learn about the given topic and then write your own thoughts. Chances are that most of the times you will end up with a topic that you do not know anything about. Without research it can be concluded that you will either end up with a blank page or with a poorly written essay. Even professional essay writers at write essays only after properly researching the topic at hand.

  • Discuss about the topic:

Discussion helps you broaden the horizons of your thought process. You will learn new things and gain new perspective from discussing. Discussion helps to evolve your thought process. You learn new facts and they lead to new perspective. You can use this newly found perspective in your essay. In fact you can start with your old perspective and then slowly make a transition towards the new one. This will tell the evaluator that you have done a lot of research and your mind is open to learning new theories.

  • Never do a copy paste job:

Obviously you can write an essay by copying content from the internet. But this is considered as cheating. These days there are a variety of tools available that check for the authenticity of the submitted text. Even a single line coped from the internet is doomed to be caught during the plagiarism check. If caught, there is only one possibility. You will be awarded a big fat zero and it will also tarnish your reputation. So unless you want to throw an axe on your own foot, never copy content from the internet. Instead of copying, you should spend some time reading about the given topic. Read as much as you can either from the internet or from the library books. As you read you will gain a perspective of your own and you will be able to pen it down on a paper. What evaluators appreciate is an independent and fresh point of view. Don’t be afraid if your opinion is different from the majority opinion. As an essay writer, you are always allowed to be opinionated. Make sure that you back up your opinion with solid facts and theories.

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