How To Make Sure That Your Glass Display Cases Are Perfect

Glass Display Cases

When it comes to maintain and taking proper care of your glass display cases, there are many things you need to know about caring for glass in general before you even begin to think about the cleaning and maintaining part.

Understand the many types of glass display cases that are out there

Before you can begin to take the proper measures towards caring for you glass display cases you will first need to understand the actual composition of the glass it is made out of. Typically, any glass is made of a mixture of silica, an alkali and a mixture of other alkaline based earth materials. Later on, other more complicated objects like metals are thrown into the mix for decorative purposes.

For the case of glass display cases, it is very common to find that the glass has already been mixed with other metals, wood material or paint (usually gold paint) to serve its purpose as a display case. The more material mixed into the glass, the weaker the composition of the glass. The more physical impurities that the glass has, the easier it is to break when something hard hits against it.

Definitely avoid using hot dishwater as the high temperatures coupled with aggressive soaps and detergents will cause an irreversible and devastating effect on your glass which will ruin it forever. Also, take note if your glass display cases have any metal mounts as crevices or tiny amounts of space normally form between the mount and the glass itself. When you start cleaning or washing your glass display cases, liquid may seep into the crevice and remain there for long after you’ve finished with your cleaning.

After a certain period of time, the liquid that is trapped in the crevice will begin to act against you favor and ruin your glass. Also, if the mounts themselves are attached to your glass using a certain kind of plaster or adhesive, the liquid will damage it as well.

Repairing any damage caused to the glass display cases

You only have one chance to have glass display cases that are perfect in every way. Once something happens to it, chances are you will not be able to get it back to the way it used to be ever again. If you do end up breaking any part of your glass display cases, then as long as it is a minor break you should first start to collect all of the fragments. You should then consult a conservator who can try to  perform the repairs for you. Never try to re-attach the fragments on your own!