5 Great Themes For An Engagement Party

engagement party

You spent enough time finding the perfect opportunity to pop the question, but now you must start arranging the celebrations. Before burying your head in wedding planning, get all your nearest and dearest together and announce your engagement with a party. If you’re struggling to think of a theme, we’ve got your back with these five great themes for any engagement party.

Winter Wonderland

As the cold weather has arrived, we figured Winter Wonderland deserves the top spot. You don’t need to turn your engagement party into a Christmas do – there are plenty of generic winter themes you can choose from. Many of the decorations you can make at home, including fairy lights in jars, snowflakes, candles, and wine glass charms.

If you still need to exchange engagement rings, can you think of a more romantic backdrop? For all your engagement ring needs, pay a visit to a quality jewellers in Hertford.

BBQ Garden Party

Depending on the time of year, throw a garden party and get the grill sizzling. To keep costs down, you can ask each guest to bring a bottle or plate. Make sure there are plenty of activities to keep your guests entertained – think Twister, giant Jenga, and Frisbee. Further, put on a cocktail-making station for the adults and a “pimp your juice” table for kids. In the evening, you can turn this into an ice cream station.

Disco Night

You’ve won the hand of your guy or gal, now it’s time to put your luck in the draw and throw a casino night. You can easily host a disco night at home, or ask one of your friends to play host. If you’re serious about your night, you can hire proper tables and chips from a party company. Alternatively, you can go DIY and use makeshift chips, which may take financial pressure off people when it comes to the end of the night.

Wine And Cheese

Wine and cheese go together for a reason – because it’s delicious and spells elegance. You don’t need to gather the wine and cheese yourself, let a local bar take care of the whole evening. To make the evening more unique, get everyone a personalised wine glass with its name engraved and the date of your wedding. If this isn’t a great save-the-date idea for your nearest and dearest, we don’t know what is.

Boat Party

Depending on where you live, consider throwing your engagement party on a boat for something completely different. London is a great city for boat parties, whether that be sightseeing, lazing about, or simply hiring a boat for the day. There’s no cap to the parties you can throw on a boat, you just need to put in some research.

Getting engaged is an enormous milestone, and it deserves celebrating in style. Whether you end up putting chips down on the table or cruising the Thames, be sure to have a great time and blow off some steam – there’s plenty of time to get serious when you’re planning the big day.

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