How To Style Your Fringe Pieces Like A Fashionista


Fringes look great when done correctly. They look super stylish and can effectively cover if you have a big forehead. But often, we do not want to cut our hair or know the right ways to style our bangs. In such cases, you can invest in a high-quality fringe that looks and feels like your natural hair. You can make different hairstyles with them, and can also remove them when you feel so. In this article, we will talk about different types of fringe styling starting from the classic ones to updo stylings, as well as faux fringes.

Curtain Bangs With Hair Down

If you want a natural and classy style, then buy good-quality fringe pieces and style them with curtain bags. You can let the rest of the hair down. You do a middle partition of your hair and use different styling products to give it a very natural look. Smooth down your fringes with a flat iron and give your hair a gentle tousle. This style will make you look effortlessly chic.

Curtain Bangs With A Ponytail

If you are going for that sweet yet sexy look, then couple your fringe pieces with a high ponytail. This is a great style for slightly greasy hair or when you are feeling the heat of the summer. You can either straighten or curl your hair first, and then secure it neatly with a tie. Do not forget to loosen some sections from the tie to give a more laid-back look. You can put different accessories too near the elastic to increase that sweet factor.

Straight Fringes With Side Buns

If you like old-school hairstyles, then go for side buns with your fringes. Firstly, use your flat irons to straighten your hair and then split it into two parts, from your forehead to your neck. Pull both the sides up and secure them with elastics to form a pigtail. Now twist and wrap the hair around the tie to make the buns and secure them with a few hairpins. Do not forget to clip your fringes and flat iron them if required.

Side-Swept Bangs With Hair Clips

You can make your hair look extra by adding different accessories like clips. They would give you that perfect and elegant look, and make styling effortless. Shampoo your hair and then blow dry it to add volume and straightness to your hair. If that does not work, use a flat iron. Do not forget to comb your fringes before clipping on, and then sweep them across your forehead. Secure it with a hair clip tucked by your ear.

These are some of the ways you can easily style your fringes. They would look classy and make you look effortlessly stylish with all types of outfits.

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