5 Ways To Reduce The Effects Of Varicose Veins

Poor circulation can lead to the enlargement of your veins in certain critical parts of your body. The result is the appearance of a purple or blue mesh of veins just under the skin, which can get extremely painful and swell up with the collection of too much blood in the constricted veins. This condition is known as varicose Veins and it can be typically seen forming around the legs and upper arms region. Over time, the condition can develop into a chronic pain situation, which can also interfere with proper movement and daily lifestyle. However, you can follow a few simple steps to alleviate the effects of this condition remarkably.

Regular exercise – One of the sure-fire ways of reducing the effects of swollen veins in your legs or arms is to persistently remain active. The constant movement allows for proper circulation, which reduces the effects of the swollen veins. However, avoid any activities that can have a heavy impact on your joints such as martial arts, tennis but low impact movements such as yoga or swimming can be extremely advantageous and provide almost instantaneous relief.

Using essential oils for massage – Essential oils can have a very soothing effect in bringing down the inflammation in your body. This is especially helpful for veins swelling with varicose, because the gentle massage along with the essential oil, stimulates the veins to allow for proper circulation, triggering almost immediate relief that is sustainable over time.

Avoiding certain foods- Sugary foods or a diet rich in fats can have an adverse effect on your varicose. The condition can also worsen with consistent consumption of caffeine. Try to avoid these food groups and switch to a healthier diet to avoid the flare-up of swelling in the veins and to keep your pain more manageable.

Using compression stockings – compression stockings can help squeeze the inflamed body part to allow the veins to constrict and allow for proper blood flow. This relieves the pain and restricts the further progress of the condition with consistent use over time.

Using proper clothing to aid for movement – Shoes and clothes can also have an effect in managing the condition of varicose. Low heeled shoes have a lower impact on your joints and legs and this prevents flare-ups of the condition. Also, avoid tight pants or underwear, as this can also be restrictive. Loose clothing suits the condition and allows for maximum ease of movement, which is fundamental to manage the varicose of veins.

 These points can help you manage the pain of the condition better and consistent follow-ups will prevent initial conditions to worsen over time. However, you should also maintain a healthy weight balance to allow these remedies to work most effectively.

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