The Most Common Mistakes in Forex Trading That Leads To Blowout Accounts

What makes a person smart? Is it to learn from your mistakes or learn from the mistakes of other people? Of course, the latter sounds better since it comes free. In trading, when you become more proficient, you get better incentives because you cut the losses you incur. There is no such thing as putting your hard-earned money into a test of uncertainties before you learn things the hard way. If you can get to develop those trading skills the easiest and fastest way, then there’s no need to fret. Here are some common mistakes that new traders tend to unintentionally partake.

Trading Without Preparation

Before you enter the trading industry, the first thing that you need to consider is your ability to trade. Just like Forex Trading in MetaTrader 4, it is a very promising trading platform but you cannot fully utilize its trading potentials if you don’t know how it runs.

The idea of trading using a demo account might seem childish to you or you might think that it is lame to put so much effort and time just to get nothing. But one thing’s for sure – a demo account lets you understand the correlation of currency pairs as well as the best time to trade. It is also the best ground to test your trading strategy without spending real money.


Another mistake that is often heard among new traders is overtrading. The common thinking is that one open position is good, so why not make two or three all at the same time? It might sound like a fantastic idea but logically speaking, it is not. Trading won’t work great if you use it that way. Moreover, the market will never produce profitable setups according to your own will. Overtrading will not work if you aren’t an ‘expert’ in trading.

How to overcome this overtrading syndrome? The most particular reason why traders tend to overtrade is that they do not have understanding and patience. So, if you want to become a successful trader, you must be patient in all aspects of Forex trading – waiting on the formation of trade setups, the years of building the trading account, and the long journey to booking profits.

Avenging For Revenge

You created one mistake that almost ruined your trading account. Now, you want revenge to cover the loss.

But the Forex market is a cruel place to be. You were happy for winning huge but that single win can bring a series of losses that you cannot imagine. Meanwhile, if you lose, you will experience that series of emotions that urges you to get back on the money that you’ve lost, immediately. Revenge trading happens.

But sudden, unplanned actions in trading will cost you your entire account. The best thing you can do is to clear up your mind and cool off before you get back to trading.

The Trading Platform

One mostly neglected aspect of trading is the choice of the trading platform. When you choose a trading platform, you must consider its reputation and its accessibility. Forex Trading in MetaTrader 4 is known to provide ease of access among its users, the reason why it is still being used nowadays despite the availability of more updated and newer versions of trading platforms.


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