Why Verifying Your Google My Business Is important?

Have you ever wondered what really happens when you verify your Google My Business profile? For starters, you get insights into any GMB profile’s performance. In addition to this, businesses get insights into the types of searches that lead users to know about them. For instance, both branded and non-branded searches are visible through GMB listing. Also, verifying the GMB profile makes the business appear on Google Search list and Google Maps.

Whenever anyone on the internet goes through your business profile, a report is generated. The report provides you with an insight into:-

  • The customer views the listing on Google or Google Maps and even the search results page.
  • The way customers search for the business and the types of keywords used to do a search.
  • Actions that customers are taking on listing the moment they see the listing.
  • If customers request Google for directions to your store, you get that in your report as well.
  • On what days are customers calling your store through GMB.
  • How many customers have viewed the photos which you posted on GMB?

One of the most crucial aspects of verifying GMB is finding the comparison between you and your competitor.

By its looks, the insights play a crucial role in determining the necessary actions. You get to know how to add photos to your profile. When there is a need to change the overall service, this feature can aid you significantly. You can also get to change the profile description to attract customers from Google.

Verification puts the business on Map

Verification puts your business directly on a geo-location app, Google Maps. In a world where everything is going towards digitalization, increasing the visibility of your store’s location online is a crucial step to getting more customers.

Everyone is selling something or the other; the idea is to stand out from your competition, irrespective of the location. Visibility on Google Maps might be what your business would require to reach the top.

Additionally, verification will help you in the following ways:-

  • Controlling the profile pictures.
  • Once verified, you can edit the information of your business.
  • When someone posts a review, your GMB profile will help you to get an email notification.
  • Manage the profile through a smartphone.
  • You can use the Direct Messaging from GMB to manage the business profile.
  • You can also build a website through GMB.
  • Accepting online bookings and making your business more customer-centric.

Note that it is essential to verify your business on Google to make the most out of GMB. By the looks of it, GMB features incredible capabilities that help customize the company directly via Google.

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