5 Facts You Need To Know Before Getting A Tattoo Removed

We all have done one mistake for which we regret for a lifetime. Some of those mistakes are etched into the skin. Even if we all are aware of the fact that impulse tattoos are not a good idea at all, we tend to get them on our skin, leaving us with regret for a lifetime. The tattoos that seem to be perfect for the moment may turn to be souring after some time. Fortunately, painless tattoo removal services are popping up and getting more popular to remove those mistakes from the skin. Laser tattoo removal services are getting very popular as it comes with the latest technology to deliver you with pain-free tattoo removal from the skin. But, before undergoing the process of laser tattoo removal there are 5 crucial factors that you need to know before the process. 

Colour of tattoo matters

The colours of your tattoo matter a lot as it is considered while removing the tattoo with any procedure. The darker ink of a tattoo is easy for removal. The tattoos designed with dark ink-like black are easy to remove as compared to tattoos with other coloured ink. The specialists make use of diverse settings in the machine with different adapters to remove the ink from the skin.

Multiple sessions are necessary 

No matter which coloured your tattoos are whether it is black or in rainbow coloured, you need to come for multiple sessions to get it pain-free tattoo removal. In the initial consultation, the specialists will inspect the area and let you know how many sessions are required for removing tattoos. This basically depends on the colour and size of the tattoos. 

The body removes the ink, but not the laser 

The advancement in technology has bought a new game-changer in the tattoo removal called Q-Switched laser removal. It is basically not the laser that removes the ink or pigments from your skin. The laser removal system actually works by emitting bursts of energy at specific wavelengths through a process called selective photothermolysis. These bursts of energy target only the tattoo ink and break the ink into small particles. These particles are absorbed and removed by the lymph system. So, the lymph system is responsible for removing the ink, but not the laser and it is a pain-free tattoo removal process.

Laser removal doesn’t burn skin

Before the ink is removed, it needs to be broken into small particles using the energy of thousands of degrees Fahrenheit. The bursts of energy target only the pigments and hence the skin surrounding the tattoo is not harmed. The wavelength of heat rests only on the pigments without harming the surrounding skin and it breaks the ink into small particles to be absorbed by the lymph system and hence no damaging or burning is caused to the skin.          

Professional tattoos are different from amateur tattoos 

The professional tattoos usually penetrate deep into the dermal layer of your skin and hence the removal of professional tattoos is difficult and may demand several sessions. However, amateur tattoos are easy for removal and can be removed easily with laser treatment. 

These were the five facts that you need to know before undergoing pain-free tattoo removal.

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