Facts And Myths About Siberian Cats

Adopting a pet is like an addition to your family. It is similar to bringing a kid home who you have to love and raise with utmost love and care. Especially if you decide to get a cat, be ready to entertain their sophistication and tantrums. Having said that, cats love their humans a lot, and you will get a cuddle buddy as the felines love to snuggle.

There are plethoras of cat breeds in the world, out of which you can choose the ones you like the most. If you have decided to get the Siberian kittens for sale, it is wise to know every little detail about them. It is vital to stay informed so that you can take good care of them and give them a happy and nurturing environment.

Things You Need To Know About Siberian Kittens

Physical Characteristics

These cats gain up to 10 to 12 inches in height, and their weight is a maximum of 15 pounds. You can find them in varied colours like white, black, ebony, and brown, and the list is never-ending. They belong to the Siberian region, where winters are harsh, and their coat is thick with a sturdy body structure.

Personality Traits

Siberian kittens are one of the most lovable breeds that show a lot of affection for their human. They would love to cuddle with you and will present a friendly nature around everyone they meet. Initially, they feel shy around strangers. However, once they get familiar with them, they will create a strong bond. Even if you have other pets at home, you wouldn’t have to think twice before bringing a Siberian kitten. They are friendly and can share their space without throwing any tantrums.


It is a healthy cat breed, with no diseases running in its genes. However, they may experience the issue due to heart enlargement so you have to take them to the vet regularly. Make sure you take good care of them, and they can live a healthy life for up to 15 years.

Care Tips

As you start looking for Siberian kittens for sale, you should focus on learning the care tips. It is similar to that of other cats, with a few changes here and there. You would have to make them brush and bathe regularly to keep them healthy and hygienic. Trim their nails and comb their furry on time, as they feel uneasy when they lack grooming.

These are things you should know about the Siberian kitten you are planning to keep as a pet. Other than this, make sure you get the pet from a trusted source, confirming their health condition and having every detail about the vaccination. Once you bring the feline fellow home, prepare yourself to raise it the way you raise a child. Be there for them and show them utmost love and care until they feel at home and stop shying away from people around them.

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