Where To Find Reliable Bike Stands

Did you ever wonder, why the majority of people still prefer bicycles over vehicles? They don’t emit harmful gases as vehicles do. But the main factor is that they are cheaper, require low maintenance and keep us healthy. Pedalling bicycles makes our muscles stronger and helps us in remaining active all the time. Plenty of options are available in the market for the bicycles to choose from and one can easily get confused with so many options until they don’t have their priorities set.


For sure, if you own a bicycle in a country like the UK there must be a place to keep them securely after we are done with our work. These are usually referred to as the Sheffield cycle stands. This style stand is the simplest and most common type of bike parking. Having a classic British design that is easy to use, familiar, and well suited to installation in public spaces. Each rack is firmly fixed to the ground and provides a secure locking point for two bikes. As far as need goes, these can be made out of several materials like stainless steel, steel. The unique characteristic of these stands is their square arch shape. These stands are the most common sight throughout the UK and are one of the most cost-effective solutions for bike parking and perfect for any outdoor location or public space.

Finding reliable stands

According to a report published last year, in the UK itself, 42% of the total population owns a bicycle. Thus you can easily see a cyclist around the street pedalling. Though the Sheffield cycle stand boasts a very sturdy design bent into a square arch and this shape allows cyclists to lock the frame, front, and rear-wheel of their bikes to avoid the likelihood of theft. But no one would prefer to park their cycles in such stands if factors like their visibility, spacing in between them and distance from pedestrian traffic are not considered. So hence manufacturers design them keeping many factors in mind like whether or heat they are going to be exposed to and the kind of area, they are being installed into, whether it’s highly populated or not.

A lot of shops in the UK and plenty of websites offer the best, durable, low cost, long-lasting stands including variations in their design, structure, color and sizes and keeping all of the above factors in mind. Not advertising but Cyclehoop, Broxap, Cycleworks, Nobutts, Barriersdirect, and Streetspacegroup are some of the most popular sites in the UK to rely on for making a purchase.


At least what matters is the security. Though you can easily find or someone can suggest the best place to choose stands from but one must make sure that before they choose anyone, that must fit in all needed terms.

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