How Your Health Can Secure Your Job

The issue of unhealthy lifestyle is truly a health issue that should not be ignored. In fact, statistics from the Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention (CDC) shows that nearly 36 percent of adults in the US are considered unhealthy, which puts them at risk of suffering numerous ailments in relation to their condition, from heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and some types of cancer. Unfortunately, the rate of unhealthy lifestyle is rising; it has been predicted that half of the US alone will be unhealthy by 2030. Unhealthy lifestyle is not only a problem in the US as more and more Australians are suffering from this so-called “plague”.

One of them is with regards to their employment. Numerous survey reports and other studies have been published recently have pointed out the correlation between the two, and many theories have been developed to understand this further. It is often a popular belief that poor people who have problems with their employment are more likely to eat poorly. When they do, they reach their weight limit and become overweight or unhealthy. However, there have been recent studies that help shaped a brand new theory with regards to the correlation of unhealthy lifestyle and employment.

Now, being fat is the reason why they have problems with employment. For numerous HR professionals and, in a larger scale, the employers that are hiring new prospects, people who are unhealthy are seen as “undesirable” and less hard working. Indeed, studies have concluded that they are often disqualified from being hired or even promoted to a higher position, whereas those who don’t have any weight issues and are within their normal weight range are highly favored.

For most companies and HR practitioners, deciding to employ unhealthy people are seen as both impractical and not good for business. Many employers find doling out health insurance as too costly, knowing that these people are facing, or at risk of facing, certain weight-related issues that could jeopardize their health, like hypertension, diabetes, and stroke. Apart from this economic dilemma, the hardships of unhealthy people with regard to their career and employment become even worse when taken into consideration the fact that they face discrimination in the workplace. In fact, that is a significant reason why they don’t get hired in the first place. While some are hired, they are most likely to be treated differently in the workplace, wherein they are harassed or ridiculed because of their appearance.

This is, however, not uncommon in the realm of employment. Many unhealthy applicants are being shunned by employers because they see them as lazy and unmotivated individuals. Since there is no law that bans employers from discriminating against applicants and employees who are unhealthy, it is very important for everyone to stay in shape and live a healthier lifestyle. There are many convenient foods and beverages that can help fight unhealthy lifestyle, including going for invisalign for your dental health. Of course, exercise is fundamentally important as well.

If you are an applicant or employee aiming for a promotion and is suffering from unhealthy lifestyle, you may want to change your lifestyle not only to have a more stable job but most importantly to improve your health. The big problem about being unhealthy is being extremely susceptible to countless types of diseases like diabetes, hypertension, heart diseases, different types of cancer, skin infections, infertility, and ulcer.Suffering from unhealthy lifestyle is not a dead-end. The good thing is that you turn your life around by simply adapting a healthier lifestyle. This includes eating healthier foods, consuming safe and healthy food, and getting invisalign for your dental health, and daily exercise. Don’t let unhealthy lifestyle take away your social and employment life.

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